Proper organization of the space bathroom – photo!

What should a perfect bathroom be like?

Not so many years have passed since the time when a bathroom was used exclusively in the context of washing, and in some countries, even as a laundry, and did not have any especial design refinements. Today that all seems strange and almost impossible, because the bathroom is the place where we start and end our day! And what may be more important to us today than comfort?  Perhaps even greater comfort – after all, these are precisely the values and needs of our time.


Contemporary bathrooms – the focus of interest for so many inspired designers, manufacturers of sanitary ware, furniture, lighting, all kinds of finishing materials and accessories. And all this is enchanted by resolving very much the same issues: the bathroom there is to give a person vitality, deep relaxation, maximum comfort and aesthetic pleasure. The philosophy of the modern bathroom is to target it as a real home spa. Therefore, it is important to everybody: and given beautiful design, how convenient it is to spend our time here, which can come from what you can do with sanitary ware.

2Hugely important is the visual image created by the bathroom. It must coincide with the aesthetic ideas of people and provide perfect recreation. And while someone may prefer a luxurious marble bathroom, another relaxes in exquisite retro style or a cozy country-style, even rustic environment, with handmade accessories. But the choice of furniture, as well as ceramic tiles, decoration for walls and ceilings , has to stand in the same stylistic vein: the integrity of the image of the designers has to be coherent to the smallest detail.

3 4

Fortunately, modern finishing techniques and technologies are today so diverse that they allow to realize in reality whatever individual imagination comes up with. You may like a traditional tiled option, artificial stone, agglomerate or mirror tiles. You have a choice – to install under-floor heating or restrict yourself to a nice rug, not to mention the variety of ceilings, rich in color and sometimes of unexpected design. 5

But the main character in a modern bathroom is the bath itself. And here preferences are only limited to space and the size of your wallet. See the most original baths from around the world: square and oval bathtubs, cast iron and acrylic, glass and whirlpool – what would you like? And what can you afford? The same applies to the mixer taps, showers, sinks for the bathroom, heated towel rails. And, of course, mirrors – all sizes and even in the most bizarre shapes.

6 7

At the end of the day, this is a place for relaxation, all the more reason for there to be well-designed lighting system. It can turn a modest design into a fantastic landscape full of beauty and filled with such joy and a sense of peace. It should make you wonder how you ever got on without it. A contemporary bathroom, even the most affordable and simple, is intended for bodily comfort. People have understood that a lot depends on it – how you start your day and how you will finish it. And how you will feel during the course of the day.

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Beautiful interiors small bathrooms that will not leave you indifferent

7 small bathrooms with interiors that are difficult to look away from

7 small bathrooms with interiors that are difficult to look away from

7 small bathrooms with interiors that are difficult to look away from

How can you make a small bathroom interior a work of art? Is it possible to turn a confined bathroom into a space where you can reign in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. You can do this using one or more of several effective techniques. Which in particular? We’re now going to give you the answers we’ve found, looking at interior design for small bathrooms.

  1. Contrasting accents

1. Contrasting accents1.Contrasting accents

It’s standard when fitting out small bathrooms to use white. It gives a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness. As a laconic accent that will not overload the space, you can use the colour black in such things as mirror frames and in outlining the shower cabin.

  1. Striped floors

2. Striped floors2.Striped floors

There is a nice little trick to visually elongate the room. Instead of ordinary monochrome floor tiles, you can choose striped tiles that will seem to dynamically stretch the space

  1. Non-standard-sized cabinets

3. Cabinets of non-standard sizes3.Cabinets of non-standard sizes

You can’t really get by without a cabinet in a small bathroom, as it’s convenient for hiding personal hygiene products, spare towels or cleaning products. But not every cabinet is suitable for a small room. Here it is often necessary to choose non-standard-sized furniture, such as narrow or elongated.

  1. Corner shower cabins

4. Corner shower cabin4.Corner shower cabin

Sometimes it even seems that there is simply no place for a shower in a small room. But if you use a corner, you can harmoniously use available space and make a comfortable shower.

  1. Concise storage systems

5. Concise storage systems5.Concise storage systems

Even in a small bathroom you can find a place for a compact storage system, for example, using a small niche that does not have any other purpose. So you get functional use from every centimetre of space and even find additional storage space.

  1. Stylish balance

6. Stylish balance6.Stylish balance

To balance a small area, not only white is useful, but also lighter shades of grey. They complement each other and work together to create harmony in an interior, especially for a small room.

  1. Imitating brick walls

In a small bathroom, tiles imitating brickwork look great. Especially nice bright glossy options that reflect light well and make the room seem bigger.

Imitating brick walls

Imitating brick walls

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Our top 10 of luxurious bathrooms

Photos luxury bathroom interiors from our website


A bath overlooking the sea is, of course, a special kind of luxury. And the time we can spend on ourselves is better to be spent in beautiful atmosphere…

Our collection features top 10 posh designer bathrooms in the world.

Remember that the main smash-hit is a freestanding bath, but there is another important condition for the flight of your fantasy and creation of masterpieces- bathroom dimensions. It should be spacious. Main materials should be wood, marble, granite and designer ceramic tiles.

1. Despite marble walls and floor, this room’s design is minimalistic. However, a view of Manhattan makes up for this minimalism… 2

  1. This retro tub is big enough for the whole family to take a bath.


3. Elegant bathtub with marble by Аrmani decorates one of the London apartments. 4

4. Ingenious solution – vivid bathtub in trendy lilac right in the bedroom. 5

5. Here view bits the design, it seems. Bathroom overlooking Cote d’-Azur. 6

6. Bathroom in Miami overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Seems to be too spacious and not too cosy but who cares when there is such a fabulous view! 7

  1. White idyll. High ceiling, abundance of light… Visiting such a bathroom gives the impression of a spa-salon.


  1. Bathroom for unreserved people – bathtub styled as retro in the house of wood and glass.


  1. Bathtub on a Caribbean villa.


10. Bathtub surrounded by wooden floor and designer ceiling beams. 11

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A selection of beautiful interior bathrooms with photos

The most beautiful rooms

Recently the technologies in the field of design made such a progress that it gives no pain to install non-standard bath in your house. Bathtubs are the luxury of our times. It seems totally hideous that some 200 years ago people rarely washed themselves. Ew!!!

We’d better look at this amazing beauty!

1 2 3

They say, according to different rules, including feng-shui, one big mirror in the bathroom is not allowed! Ladies and gentlemen, ignore feng-shui! Just look how gorgeous it looks!

4 5 6 7

By the way, bathroom in wooden style seems to be impractical but it’s not like that at all. Modern technologies allow making a long lasting interior.

8 9 10 11

If you want a sunken bath in your apartment, you may do some elevation or a podium. Imagine yourself going up the stairs and then falling into a luxurious stylish bathtub. 12 13

Jacuzzi are not in the trend any more. Bathtubs with lighting, tubs with music panels and vibration effect are pushing them out. However, trendy bathtubs still have the elements of Jacuzzi in them. 14

Do you know that in the earlier days the bathtubs were covered with the cloth for each new bather? After bathing, the cloth was changed, not the water as it was considered more hygienic.

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Luxury bathroom interiors: 40 photo ideas

Get your ideas for your bathroom!

You can make your bathroom luxurious in different ways. To help you with this task we collected 40 ideas of “luxury bathroom interiors”, which might help you get rid of stress and fatigue. While bringing luxury to your bathroom many thigs matter: shape of the tub, decorative items filling us with inspiration, attractiveness of view – everything connected with destressing and invigoration. Some interiors have green colour dominance, which gives the feeling of freshness and energy. We also managed to find several variants of interior with wood. Please, mind that wood plays an essential part in the modern décor (for instance, look at the first photo) as it emphasizes genuineness, individuality and luxury.


Windows are just as important as they hugely affect aesthetics and atmosphere of any room. Diagonal windows bring in the dramatic shade and are even the best choice if there is an inclined wall in the room. The majority of luxurious bathrooms on the pictures are contemporary ones but you may find classical; elements as well, which excellently match modern decorations. Look closely and make your opinion on this collection of luxurious bathroom interiors. Make no haste as each interior offers many interesting solutions.

Photo gallery:

23564 89 710

131214  16 17 18 19 20 2122
23 24 2527 263028 2931 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41

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Fashionable design modern bathrooms 33 photos

Modern design of the bathroom


Bathroom is the place of relaxation after a hard working day and since our visual perception of the world is very important, the modern design of this room should help us invigorate and replenish our vital power.

Some time ago bathroom design was paid undeservedly little attention to. Traditional combination of dark and fair tiles was hardly the most cheerful one.

Today situation is very different as new trends in designer art help to create comfort and style whereas endless imagination may turn your bathroom into the true corner of paradise.

Modern design of the bathroom


Contemporary world offers a rich variety of different products for correct, harmonious and beautiful decoration of the bathroom interior.

A huge range of various accessories can make any bathroom look unique even if its design ideas are taken from an ordinary magazine on renovations.

If furnished properly, any bathroom despite its dimensions may sparkle in bright individuality. Beauty and comfort matter the most.


Colour of the bathroom often matches the overall apartment colour scheme, however, it may be decorated in its own colours disregarding other rooms.

Many houses and apartments cannot boast with big sized bathrooms. This problem has a solution. Of course, one can dismount the walls and make the room bigger at the expense of adjoining room but this solution is labour consuming and impractical.

There are more interesting solutions concerning enlarging space of small bathroom.

To make the space visually larger, you may use plain finish. It does not mean that all the items are to be of the same colour. It means you have to choose one main colour and use all the shades of it.

Pure snow-white efficiently broadens the space.

Bathroom design in light shades


Change the bathroom design with the furniture

The modern market offers all the varieties of products in shapes and sizes. It is extremely important to place the furniture in a right way to free as much space as possible.

Small-size furniture in light shades would reflect light well and beautifully match snow-white sanitary ware.


Many people forget about the space above the door, which could be used to their advantage: one may mount decorative shelves and use them for cosmetics or household goods such as detergents, toilet paper, sponges, etc.

If you have a combination bathroom (a bathroom and a toilet), drawing clean borders is actual in this case. You can do it by using differently coloured tiles, some dividers or multilevel ceiling. Space zoning by different furniture is also a good solution.

To enlarge space it is better to use a shower cabin since it definitely will tape up less space than a bathtub. 8 9 10

Lighting in frames of bathroom design

The lighting issue requires your close attention. The smaller the bathroom, the more intensive lighting it should have as it will make it roomier.

Ideal location of spotlights is around perimeter; at that the light should not reflect in the mirror as its incidence should be maximally beneficial.

Adjustable lighting is an excellent way out as you can create a relaxing atmosphere in the evening by turning the lights down low.

11 12 13

Mirrors as the part of bathroom design

You can complement bathroom design with mirrors. Part of the wall or the whole of the wall can be decorated with mirrors: you can choose beautiful frames with unusual décor, have a mirror built-in to the ceiling or make mirror plinth with neon lighting.

If there is a window in your bathroom, it is better to hang the mirror against it. You can also equip mirror around the perimeter with small lamps, which will add beauty and style to the bathroom.

14 15 16

You should pay special attention to the ceiling. The best solution giving the room depth and volume is to have a stretch ceiling.

Not only it is beautiful but practical as well, which is of big importance. The stretch ceiling in combination with the trick of light will create ingenious design of the bathroom.

Light shade of the ceiling matching the overall room colouring will visually make the ceiling higher.

17 18

Thus, to enlarge the space of the bathroom visually and give it feeling of freedom, lightness and unforgettable design, you need to pay attention to each detail individually. Right approach, fantasy and desire are the criteria of successful achieving of your goal.

Bathroom design

19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

Modern design of the bathroom

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Beautiful modern and unusual mirror for the bathroom

Choosing the bathroom mirror: stylish novelties and ingenious designer ideas

There can be no trifles in design as each detail should be decoration of interior and should harmoniously match the other items. A bathroom mirror is actually one of the central elements of design, which needs to be chosen carefully.

Mirrors can make wonders!

Please, remember that mirror frame should be manufactured from waterproofing material, otherwise the expensive purchase will turn to be a disappointment. Frames produced from polystyrene resin, aluminium, wood processed with special mixtures as well as chrome-plated metal frames withstand conditions of high humidity well. An alternative variant is a frameless mirror or for those who love challenges models with facet cut imitating elegant frame are invented.

Spacious cabinet with mirror doors
Asymmetric model imitating the window

Broadening space with mirrors

Strict symmetry for two

Designers extensively use the amazing ability of mirror surfaces to reflect everything placed against them to visually broaden the space and make the room seem larger. To transform the cramped room you need to use as many mirrors in the room as possible. We recommend big mirrors taking up the whole wall or mirrors hung under the angle to each other and against each other.

Efficient method of broadening the bathroom space

Kinds of bathroom mirrors

Models accomplished with lighting look stylish and striking. Such unobtrusive lighting will be of service to you when you decide to set a romantic mood or turn your bathroom into a spa-salon. Apart from aesthetic function, additional lighting helps to see your reflection in details and put on an impeccable make-up.

An example of “dissolving” the wall with the big mirror
Decoration of the wall with mirror elements of different diameter


Extravagant idea of decorating the big mirror

Advice on choosing the mirror for various styles of interior

When you choose a bathroom mirror, it is important to remember about designer style of the whole interior.

 Country style: mirrors are in the simple wooden frames, which could be artificially aged and worn to re-create characteristic village charm. Mirrors frames are made from twisted osier, grapevine, birch branches decorated with immortelle and decorative elements. Floral motifs such as plants, butterflies, birds, flowers, etc. are present in framing or glass engraving.

Hi-tech: mirrors are in minimalistic simply shaped frames. Frame materials are metal or glass with reflecting surface polished to give lustre. Geometric shapes prevail. Mirrors of extravagant shaped forms resembling science-fiction motifs turning the familiar mirror into the art object are also suitable for hi-tech style. Various kinds of innovative ideas are also characteristic of this style, for instance, mirrors with magnifying parts or LED lighting. Modern interior may be also decorated with models with facet cut or engraving as well as models of nonstandard geometric shape.

Victorian style: baroque, royal chock and other designer solutions a la royal palaces love richness of interior. Mirrors are better be of classical shapes whereas frame should be truly gorgeous. Gold, silver, scarlet colours in combination with floral carved ornament, stucco ornaments or classical ligatured script – anything that may remind you of palace chick and royal glory is used to decorate mirrors.

Expensive, chick and yet practical
Minimum of decorations with maximum of functionality
Suitable framing may be tiled up with mosaic

Mirror industry constantly develops and those who seek for some extravagant bathroom mirror should pay attention to stylish novelty – model with LED lighting made to look like some ornament or drawing. Advanced models with internal lighting evenly light up the face without any shadows and the surface emitting light creates unbelievable atmosphere in the room.

Lighting that creates stereoscopic image

The other novelty is suitable for superstitious people, those who always are afraid to break the mirror and attract miseries to their house. Mirror film not exceeding a millimetres in thickness is just glued to the even surface of glazed tile or to plastic panels and serves as a standard bathroom mirror.

Funny mirror surface stickers for immediate transformation of interior

For those who love abundance of reflecting surfaces mirrored tile was invented. With its help you can decorate the walls, ceiling and the floor. Partial mirrored tile décor in combination with ordinary glazed tile looks fabulous. For finishing of the details with complex configuration you may use mosaic mirrored tile – its flexible base allows tiling a bathtub, oval walls of a shower cabin or a stand inside of which all the plumbing is hidden.

Mirrored tile in the bathroom interior
Decorating the bathroom with decorative pebbles


When choosing the bathroom mirror, remember the main thing that prior to designer function, the mirror is the utility object. It means you have to think about comfort and pleasure of using it.

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Fashionable design bathrooms 2016

Contemporary design of bathrooms

Contemporary design of bathrooms is characterized not only by innovations in wall decoration but by ingenious sanitary ware as well. Shower cabins and bathtubs are quite the conservative sphere of design, which makes creative ideas appear less often. However, even this sphere from time to time demonstrates spike of incredible activity among designers and manufacturers that results in appearance of asymmetric bathtubs of the most extravagant shapes, with unusual multicolour lighting, musical and water-saving options.


Those whose budget does not allow such fanciful variants have to do with only admiring wonder of sanitary ware progress on the pictures. Today design of modern bathrooms is decorated by corner washbasins and shower cabins with walls installed contrary to the walls of the bathroom.

2 3 4 5

Designers are now working on such seemingly unassuming interior items as mixer tap handles, levers of a water closet supply tank. They may now look like animal or human figurines and be produced from various materials, such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc. Wholesale and retail online shops dealing with such original items for the bathroom offer big variety of goods among which you can choose something suitable for your bathroom. All you have to do is to look through the catalogue with pictures of the products.

6 7 8 9

People with radical sense of humour will appreciate flush toilets shaped like seductive woman’s lips or like teeth. Contemporary bathroom should be spacious enough, however, additional space (at least visually) can be achieved due to transparent bathtub or shower cabin, number of mirrors or a window letting in sunlight and lighting the room with natural light.

10 11 12 13

In the old days, bathrooms looked nearly alike and were quite modest. They were decorated poorly and sanitary ware was mostly standard looking. Nowadays situation differs dramatically and often the bathroom is one of the most beautiful rooms in the modern apartment.

14 15 16 17

Apart from the main elements, modern bathroom is full of supplementary accessories and furniture. Nowadays designers do not recommend to stick to one certain style as combination of several styles looks much more striking, functional and practical. Pictures demonstrate the gorgeousness of such a look.

18 19

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10 bathroom design ideas perspective

Design beautiful bathrooms with photos


Dima Loginov, designer: “This bathroom is the example of how being equipped with the minimum budget and only one graphic method you can create complex and eye-catching interior. Due to unusual colour spot on the floor and the wall, initially simple bathroom acquires bigger dimension (‘layers’ as the Americans love to say). Tile manufacturers have a lot of products, which will help you to implement the boldest ideas for your bathroom design. One of the most interesting technology out of the modern ones is the digital printing, which allows imitating any natural structures with the highest accuracy and resolution. This, for instance, brings opportunity of using ceramic porcelain tiles with wood structure”.

An ideal couple


Tatiana Alenina, interior decorator: “Marble and natural wood complement each other in the interior extremely well. Moreover, this combination is in trend. Bathroom (on the photo above) fully meets trends of the day. Solid oak in the washbasins area adds honey hue to the cold greys of the room. There is no feeling of sterility that many projects with solely marble decoration are blamed for. Speaking of practicality of this design idea: if you are afraid of damaging the wood, better cover the floor with teak as it is water-resistant and can be beautifully toned”.


Colin Radcliffe, designer: “This bathroom in Notting Hill I decorated in Hollywood style, which explains the colours and choice of finishing materials. Bathtub is finished with black intricately streaked marble. Shower cabin is closed by smoked glass. Metal mirror frames are gold-plated. Slipper chair is upholstered with white soft leather. Accessories made from glass match beautifully such a décor”.

Nothing extra


Madina Vykhodzeva, interior decorator: “This project demonstrates minimalistic style characteristic of Japanese interiors. Combination of “white clair de lune and wood” looks very noble. Bathtub cover plate and the floor made from teak wood is ideal for rooms with high humidity. By the way, it would be much more pleasant to walk barefoot on the wooden floor rather than on the stone one. Wood, stone and water – that is the combination bringing us closer to the nature. This effect is intensified by the window letting in rays of sunlight”.

History lessons


Keeping proportions: bathroom design 2015 pictures. contemporary ideas




Taras Bezrukov and Stas Samkovich, designers: “It is a very ‘architectural’ and laconic interior. Black and while combination is always in the trend. By changing décor items you can set a different mood each time. The main style-emphasizing element of this composition is the non-standard washbasin finished with micro cement. We like window covering with round holes, which serves as protection from blazing sun as well as the décor element. This idea also might be used in the bathroom with no windows by furnishing this installation with artificial lighting”.

In gold thread


Anna Muravina, interior decorator: “I like this bathroom. It has its individual style, which is a real chick. Combination of stone and mosaic is very beautiful. I appreciate abundance of details of this interior. In one of my projects we also made “seems” of smalt on the stone floor. It turned out to be a very complex technology. I am not really sure about those white oriental wall luminaires. They fall out of integral style of the interior decorated in art deco. I would also take a darker shade of grey (to match the shade of mosaics) to make stone texture look more impressive”.

Retro style


Glass calm


Marina Filippova: “Feather-lightness, cleanness and light – this interior collected all the components of ideal bathroom. Despite the whites, there is no feeling of sterility. Collection of table mirrors and glass bubbles pendant ornaments bring elegance into the interior. Mirror cabinets hide many small items usually cluttering the bathroom interior. Each drawer has a very cleverly masked handle thus leaving the mirrors ideally clean”.

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18 the most gorgeous bathrooms: photos

Most chic modern bath

You have never seen such incredible bathrooms in your life! Huge and filled with wall aquariums or gorgeous canopies, tiled with mosaics or decorated with beautiful paintings…

18 astonishing photos are waiting for you under the cut.

Big semi round aquarium on the wall gives you the feeling of tropical island bliss.
Antique parquet, velvet curtains and wildcat’s skin give the true colonial style to the interior.
This year’s trend – copper-plated bathtub and a wall-sized picture is a wonderful solution if your bathroom space allows it.
Striking Italian ceramic mosaic in blue shades makes this minimalistic interior a truly chick one. Sintesi ceramic mosaic (Italy) looks fabulous in this interior.
Big mirror, stonewalls and candles bring you to the Medieval times in your own bedroom.
Combination of cold grey concrete and vibrant pink becomes the classics of loft-style bathrooms.
Turkish delight: hallmark elements of the Ottoman Empire are combined with traditional European elements, such as light shaded parquet and oval shaped claw foot tub.
Bathroom on the open air? Why not? Besides, recently we have had a story of how to organise open air summer shower.
Motley mosaic, windows reminding submarine windows and a real submarine eye: we are setting off to find Nemo.
This bathroom is worth Cleopatra herself: light shades of tiles, tiger skin, flowers in ceramic vases and lush sago palms.
Would you consider such a high barrel instead of a traditional tub?
Or would you prefer this striking shower with wide water jet falling right from the ceiling?
Fabulous bathroom of complex blue shade reminding either alien ship or a nightclub.
Black mosaic looks great contrasted to concrete walls; smooth poured floor adds laconicism to the room.
This must be the bathroom from the palace: gold-plated chair, canopy, Persian carpet and shades of riches – I made it in life.
One more bathroom with canopy complete with fluffy shaggy carpet and a dressing table – wonderful solution for glamourous interior.
Marble, gold, Persian carpets – this is, it seems, the most gorgeous bathroom out of our list. One can only wonder how much it cost to its owners.

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